The Ticolas' eco-friendly flowers: straight from the growers to your door

Offering a flower bouquet is great right  Unfortunately, it is seldomly eco-ethical. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the industry, 1 rose grown in the Netherlands produces 1 kg of CO2 or 6 times more than the one in Kenya.

1 kg of CO2 is the equivalent of 7-10 km by car. It also contains approximately 7 prohibited toxic substances. Indeed, the large flower farms use artificial fertilizers and a high amount of pesticides.

106 kg by acre of Roses against 135 kg by acre of Lilies

Can you believe that this amount is 30 times higher than a vegetable farm ? Let's not forget that the growers also use a high quantity of water that pollutes the soils and the nearby water sources.

The flowers are greedy.

Greedy in energy as the greenhouses have to be constantly heated and lighted up to allow flowers to blossom in the best conditions. They’re mainly carried by aircrafts and in cold dark warehouses for days.

Having fresh flowers at home is a luxury, especially if these are coming straight from a local grower’s field. Seasonal and locally grown, freshly cut and long-lasting, our flowers are respectful to our environment and follow life’s flow. We commit to get the most ethical flowers to our flowers.

Our flowers don’t even spend 24H transiting from the grower to your doorstep (24H against 10 days for imported flowers). That’s the reason why they last up to 10 days (if not more), and fills your space up with fresh natural fragrances from the field.

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