The Ticolas' exceptional plants: straight from the growers

As flowers, having plants at home is a great luxury but the ecological impact is not better unfortunately.

Either expensive and beautiful, either affordable and seen everywhere you go, most of the plants that you see in large retailers don’t get the proper care before heading to your home. They don’t get the right amount of water, light and get transported from cold warehouses to hot trucks…

Ticolas sources plants straight from the growers to get species that will last longer than the average. 

Ticolas wants you to feel great and to enable you to build a collection of modern plants with the launch of our plant leasing service. This service will enable you to lease plants for a minimum of time, return or purchase them in a click.

Our modern plants are emotional triggers that will impact positively your spaces but also your well-being.

We spend a good part of our week at the office, it is therefore very important to shape a workspace where we feel comfortable. Our modern plants can really make a difference in a workspace where stress and pressure can be. Beyond bringing a touch of decoration, they help you improving your well-being as well as your productivity.

Flowers and plants have a direct impact on the atmosphere, the well-being and the mood of people.

Did you know that placing 5 medium-sized plants in a space of 20m² will improve the air by removing 75% of air pollutants?

Beyond clearing the air, they increase your productivity, influence your focus, creativity and impact your well-being. A study shows that you can increase your mental health by 60% when you are surrounded by plants.

Take a look at our plants to purchase and plants to lease on our website We are sure we can help you build an amazing plant collection at your home or even at work! Get in touch with us for B2B enquiries at

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