Subscrição Mensal | As plantas de Ticolas

Subscrição Mensal | As plantas de Ticolas

from 39.90 every month

At Ticolas, we have one mission: to teach you how to grow plants. That’s the reason why we have decided to create a subscription for you.

Having plants is something great. It influences your mood and well-being, and also enhances your home decor.

Our subscription will enable you to get each month small to medium plants to grow: Calatheas, Monstera Deliciosas as well as Cactus and Succulents. Our goal is to help you grow your plants in order to shape your indoor jungle!

Your subscription is for a duration of 12 months, cancellable at anytime in one click. You have the option to add a monthly pot to your subscription if you want your plant to be delivered with the pot each month.

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