Create a space that looks and feels amazing.


Plants and flowers
for you, yes!

We spend most of the waking day at work. That’s why paying special care to your office environment is so important. Whether you want to increase productivity, purify the air, or just make things pretty, flowers and plants can bring your space to life.   

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Why are flowers and plants so
important in an office?

Flowers and plants make people happier, healthier and more productive. They even can have a massive impact on how a space feels and the mood of people.

Did you know that putting 5 medium-sized plants in a 20m² space will absorb 75% of airborne pollutants ?

And, by promoting relaxation and focus, studies have shown that the same number of plants will result in a 60% improvement to one’s mental wellbeing. Amazing ! Isn’t it ?

Ticolas was amazing at helping us find the perfect match for plants in our restaurants.
— Mickaël Soares, Founder @Delibar

Companies that love Ticolas


Ticolas will help you decide which plants and flowers are right for your space.

Don’t forget to reward your successful team members with amazing blooms and greens. You can also strengthen a relationship with a customer by offering some fresh flowers and plants.

And finally, you can either place your flowers and plants during an event or use them as activation levers for a great marketing campaign.